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Save the Date!  Always the last Saturday in July...

The Roan Moan is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and challenging routes you'll ever ride.  It includes breathtaking scenery, as well as two breathtaking climbs.  There's plenty of scenic riding beside mountain streams, and a nice shady section alongside the Tweetsie Railroad Grade.  All rides are fully supported.

The English Century route takes you on a short loop, back past the start line, then briefly follows the Metric course, then continues west to engage some modest hills before coming down to a very scenic section along the Toe and Cane Rivers.  A long ascent up to Spivey Gap takes one into Tennessee with a technical descent by Spivey Falls.  More easy riding follows as you pass through the City of Erwin, and on to Unicoi.  Next, a gradual uphill grade takes you to Limestone Cove.  From there, you will follow the Metric route the rest of the way.

Our Metric route includes a series of small climbs, then a 2-mile ascent over Iron Mountain into Tennessee.  Riders then roll along Simmerly Creek and follow back roads to the cool Tweetsie Railroad Grade and Doe River before the 7 mile "Moan" up and over Roan Mountain, where a thrilling descent brings you home.

The 35-Mile ride follows the first 8 miles of the Metric route, then turns uphill through the Fork Mountain community before a scenic ride up Little Rock Creek.  Riders will be tested by the 6-mile climb up Roan Mountain from the south, followed by the big descent back to Bakersville.

There are five (5) rest stops on the English Century course, four (4) on the Metric route and one (1) on the 35-Mile ride.

The English Century ride starts at 7AM.
The Metric & 35-Mile rides start at 8AM.
See the registration page on Active.com for more info!

Roan Moan video courtesy of Mike Davis.


Roan Moan Bike Race Sponsored by Bakersville Fire & Rescue


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